Double Award Nominations: Liebster Blog Award & Creative Blogger Award

As someone who has been blogging for three years, it never ceases to amaze me when there are still other fellow bloggers who kindly wish to say, “Hey, your blog is awesome,” by nominating it for blog awards. I’ve been nominated for two and I wish to take this week to finally acknowledge them and show my sincerest thanks.

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Anime Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The magical girl anime genre is often categorized by cute school girls who are students by day and are some sort of crime fighters or keepers of the peace by night. The girl or girls are usually accompanied by a guardian who is either a talking cat or some kind of cutesy creature. Among my favorite magical girl animes have always been Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. When friends recommended I watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica and they warned me that my perception of this genre will be forever shattered and changed, I didn’t realize how serious they were until I actually watched it. Continue reading

Video Game Challenge For April: Game Number Nine Revealed

We’re about half-way into the year and my video game challenges are proving to be on schedule and yielding successful completion rates so far. I’m aware this can change at any given moment, but I’m really proud of myself for having less failed to complete challenges right now. I’m hoping this will continue until the end of the year. Speaking of challenges, it’s time for a certain video game to have its moment this month.

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March Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Sleeping Dogs

One of the best things about playing video games is you go on a journey with a character. In the beginning, they’re total strangers to you and you’re not really sure what to make of them. Will I like you or hate you? Will I want to see you pull through or have you rot in hell like you deserve? Give it time, or until the end of the game, and you’ll find yourself caring about them, like a really great friend who you’ll only want to see the very best happen to them. This is the journey I felt I had with Sleeping Dog’s Wei Shen. Before we say farewell to roaring March, let’s see how I did with this month’s video game challenge.

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Peace, Love, And Bell Sleeves: A ’70s Fashion Style Makes A Comeback

The best advice my mom has ever given to me when it comes to fashion and style is always keep a few items of clothing that aren’t necessarily classic styles in your closet. You’ll never know when something will be in fashion again. It’s a good thing this little piece of advice has stuck with me because one of my favorite fashion looks seem to be making a grand reappearance this spring––the bell sleeves.

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PAX East 2015: A Recap From A First Time Attendee

There comes a time in every convention goer’s life where you’ll want to expand your attendance beyond the local ones in your area. I’ve been a regular at New York Comic Con for the last few years now, and as much fun and convenient as it is to go to this geek/nerd oasis every year, I’m always looking for new experiences and places to explore. Two weekends ago, I finally expanded my convention going experience by going to PAX East in Boston for the first time ever.

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Going Downhill: Factors Contributing To My Manga Reading Decline

Being a passionate and devoted geek/nerd is tough work when you’re an adult. Forget about having more than one hobby to choose to spend your time on. That’s only part of the challenge we deal with on a regular basis. When you factor money and time into the equation, specifically when you’re a manga fan, you may find yourself in the position of not really reading them as much as you used to.

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Video Game Challenge For March: Game Number Eight Revealed

Every once in a while you’ll find one game that is so epic it’s almost impossible to find a new game that’ll top the experience you’ve just had. I found myself in that predicament when I played and finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. DAI has been my sun, moon, and stars for the last four months of my gaming life. Moving onto other games (until Bioware releases DLC or an expansion to extend the DAI experience) has been a difficult task. What game is worthy of my time and devotion for a whole month? Fortunately, I’ve been able to answer that question and make my choice after feeling out a few games before making a commitment to one.

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Video Game Challenge (Special Edition) Progress Report 3: Dragon Age – Inquisition

The moment of truth has finally arrived to close out February––I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition! Final hours clocked in are at 180+ and reaching the end has been epic. It has been a few weeks since I’ve beaten the game, but there’s so much I want to say about it. Like all my progress reports, I’ll give a brief overview of my playthrough and my thoughts surrounding them which will contain some spoilers.

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She’s Got The Look: My Top Five Fashion Picks From The ’90s Sailor Moon Anime

What you wear and how you wear it is a very personal choice. You can find inspiration for your personal style just about anywhere from the people you see on the street to fashion magazines. Looking for style inspiration in your favorite anime, like I’ve talked about in a past post, is another source to draw upon.

Thanks to a BuzzFeed article I read about the ’90s Sailor Moon anime having a wealth of fashionably dressed Sailor Scouts, when they’re not in school or fighting monsters, it reminded me of one of the biggest draws for watching the anime when I was younger. No, it’s not Tuxedo Mask, but he is one of them. I’m talking about the looks many of the characters in the anime wore, and I often imagined myself being able to wear these looks in real life. These ladies have got the look! Take a trip down memory lane with me, or enjoy this list of sensible fashion choices from an anime, as I list my favorite outfits from Sailor Moon.

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